MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at Asian Medical Institute

Why Asian ?

  • 1800 students from more than 10 countries
  • Recognized by Medical Council of India and WHO
  • Has a separate hostel for Indian students and separate hostel of boys and girls More than 1100 professors
  • Indian food is served to the students
  • Very Low cost
  • Type – Private University
  • City- Kant
  • YHU was founded in 1920
  • Offering low cost MBBS program for Indian students
  • The leading higher medical institution of the Kyrgyz republic

Asian Medical Institute (ASMI) is a top medical college to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan and an MCI approved government university for medical studies. Asian Medical Institute is a B+ graded university offering low cost MBBS program for Indian students. The rector of this university Mr. Mamytov Mitalip Mamytovich has been working hard to ensure superb quality of low cost medical college in Kyrgyzstan and a safe experience for all the international students. This MBBS in Kyrgyzstan fee structure is the most suitable for all Indian students looking for low cost MCI approved medical programs.

Asian Medical Institute is the leading higher medical institution of the Kyrgyz Republic. This university is providing a top MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. It is located just 45 minutes from the main International Airport at Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyz Republic.

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In order to make students’ life more interesting there are all the conditions in the institute to conduct cultural measure. For students of the institute there are all the conditions for leisure, namely sport halls, gym, swimming pool & etc


The Asian Medical Institute is committed in its pursuit of excellence to providing the best academic facilities and atmosphere to its students. Our mission is to train future leaders of medicine who set new standards in knowledge, caring and compassion.

About kant City Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz word for sugar is “kant”, and the city received its name when a sugar plant was built there in the 1930s. (It is an often repeated myth that the town was named after the German philosopher Immanuel Kant).

Kant is an industrial and service center. Among notable local enterprises is the Abdysh Ata Brewery, whose products are well known throughout Kyrgyzstan. During the Soviet era, Kant and its surrounding area were home to a large number of ethnic Germans who had been forcibly relocated to Central Asia in 1941 from the Volga region when the Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was abolished. Most left for Germany during the 1990s and after the demise of the Soviet Union when the factories where they had worked shut down. Several other nearby settlements, such as Luxemburg and Bergtal, still carry their German names, but retain only very small remnants of their Volga German and Russian Mennonite founders.