• Type –  Government University
  • City – Kutaisi
  • Largest campus in Georgia
  • Twelfth Ranked Government University in Georgia
  • 5 years Curriculum Available
  • Additional Clinical Rotations in PBL Program
  • 4TH Ranked Medical University
  • 90 Years old University
  • Indian Food Available
  • Highest hours of Clinical Rotations in Georgia
  • Own Hospital
  • Additional PBL program
  • Second Largest campus in Georgia
  • Twelth Rank University in Georgia
  • Government University
  • MD+PBL Program
  • Five year Curriculum Available
  • ECTS 360 Program
  • Additional Clinical Rotations in PBL Program

Akaki Tsereteli State University In 2014 Tsereteli State University Faculty of Medicine became AMEE- (European Association for Medical Education www.amee.org) member, and in 2015 it was at the World Health Organization – WHO, the World Federation for Medical Education – WFME and international medical education catalogue is- IMED, higher medical schools web- esources.

The study involved is qualified to teach staff: 8 16 full professors, associate professors and assistant professors 9. Training programs and the theoretical and practical training courses (pre-clinical cycle) in parallel, which is held at the University, the Faculty of Medicine students undergoing clinical training component is fully equipped multi-base clinics.

Apporoved By


  • AKAKI TSERETELI STATE UNIVERSITY sity is one of the most valued university of Georgia
  • ATSU focuses on the level of knowledge and on its research-oriented studies.
  • The Effectiveness and transparency of all the procedures are maintained by the managing bodies while Democracy and Academic freedom are provided to all the students of ATSU.
  • It is the largest Government Medical University for the entire Georgian country
  • Established in the year 1930 it is a 78 Years old at Tbilisi city, the capital of Georgia.
  • ATSU Georgia has been Co-operating with most of the major hospitals in Tbilisi.
  • It has produced more than 50, 000 Doctors during its 94 years of existence.
  • Recognized by the following Ministries

    • European Union Ministry of Education
    • Georgian Ministry of Education and science
    • Georgian Ministry of Health and labor affairs

  • Listed by the following International Organizations

    • World health Organization (WHO)
    • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
    • World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)

About Kutaisi City

Kutaisi is the traditional rival of Tbilisi for capital status, and has since the days of the Golden Fleece been considered the capital of Western Georgia (then Ancient Colchis). It remains Georgia’s second largest city, but to the irritation of the proud locals, does not come even close to Tbilisi’s present day size and wealth. Since the Georgian government decided to move their parliament to Kutaisi, there has been a lot of work on restoring streets, buildings, parks and monuments and the city has become much safer.

What is PBL Program


  • It is designed as an extra curricular activities for better understanding, explanation, group learning, problem solving for enhance student’s own ability of learning medicine. Including PPTs, videos, discussion with doctors etc.
  • In this program students may have chance to participate in international conference; in or out of Georgia, depend on their educational activities.
  • In ATSU we have an additional building naming PBL Medical building.