MBBS in Belarus at Vitebsk State Medical University

Why Vitebsk ?

  • Started enrolling foreign students in 1981
  • The academic plan is developed and maintained according to the European Qualification framework
  • English medium curriculum
  • Library has a large number of books in all branches of knowledge
  • a unique electronic library with new computer equipment and internet connections.
  • Type-Government University
  • City- Vitebsk
  • MCI Passing ratio- 26.2%
  • Founded in 1921

Vitebsk State Medical University(VSMU) is one of the the largest and most distinguished medical establishment of higher education inBelarus with more than 7000 students from 42 countries. Established in 1934,VSMU is famous for its quality of medical education. The quality management system of the university meets the internationalISO 9001 standards.

Each year students have several sport programs at their disposal: cricket tournament, chess competition, football championship and other sport events. The immerse number of cultural festivals and celebrations, which take place all-the-year-round, demonstrate international cultural diversity. The annual festival “Student Autumn”, National Cuisine Feasts, Faculty Days, National Student Union Holidays with a wide range of cultural activities present a perfect chance for foreign students to display their skills and abilities.

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Reasons to Study Medicine at VSMU University

  • State own university which Maintains a high level of education compatible with European standards and experience the richness of Europe
  • Total tuition fee less than 4 million. Hostel fees and cost of living, low and affordable in comparison to other places of equal standing.
  • Total student population of 7000 including more than 300 Sri Lankan students
  • English medium curriculum
  • Clinical training in state hospitals (20 teaching hospitals with a total bed capacity exceeding 10,700)
  • Focused European standard education with 10:1 student-teacher ratio.

University at Glance

About Vitebsk City Belarus

Vitebsk is a city in the north-east of the Republic of Belarus, the administrative center of the Vitebsk region (population – 347.5 thousand people (2009), area – 96 km²). Located in the eastern part of the region on the Western Dvina River, 272 km. to the north-east of Minsk, Vitebsk is a major transportation hub, industrial and cultural center of the north of Belarus, the second oldest city in the country.

Vitebsk emerged on the picturesque steep banks of the Western Dvina River and the Vitba River, in the middle of the ancient trade route “from the Varangians to the Greeks” Modern Vitebsk is one of the largest industrial centers of the Republic, a city with a highly developed industry, science and culture. The city’s streets and squares are impressive with a great variety of monuments of architecture and environmental art.

Today Vitebsk counts 233 objects registered in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values, including 219 objects of architecture, 6 of archeology, 8 of history.