MBBS in Belarus at Grodno State Medical University

Why Grodno ?

  • 45 departments of university spread across the city Development
  • There is a comfortable library hall with the 20 PCs connected to the Internet for library users
  • There is comfortable canteen at the University with rich variety of different dishes.
  • The winner of the professional contest “BRAND OF THE YEAR-2013” in the nomination “Science and Education”.
  • Type – Government University
  • City- Grodno
  • MCI Passing ratio- 18.2%
  • Established in 1781

Grodno State Medical Institute was established in 1958, the first enrollment of freshmen amounted to 250. Over the last 50 years,the Institute (and then the university) graduated over 16,000physicians and graduate nurses. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus increased considerablyenrollment in the University over recent years. The Grodno State Medical InstituteThe University has 5 faculties. The University offers five undergraduate majors, 33 majors for clinical residents, 20 majors for Ph.D. students. It is worthy of note that the University trains not only physicians but also researchers and the teaching staff for its own needs. At present the administration of the University consists mainly of the University graduates. By the number of persons with doctoral and Ph.D. degrees the Grodno State Medical University takes the leading position in the Republic of Belarus. The Educational Institution “Grodno State Medical University” is the first medical institution of higher learning in the Republic of Belarus, where the ISO 9001 Quality Management System was introduced and certified, which complies with the National Quality Management System ( ISO 9001-2009) and with the German Quality Management System (DIN EN 9001-2008).

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Reasons to Study Medicine at Grodno State Medical University

  • Grodno State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in the Republic of Belarus.

  • Grodno State Medical University got into the TOP 500 list of the world’s best universities.
  • International students have been studying at the university since 1995. Since, 2003 university has been providing training in English during the whole period of studying. At present 531 international students from 30 countries of the world study at the university.
  • The university works in collaboration with educational and research centres of Poland, Germany, Russia and other countries.
  • Our students have opportunities to do practical training abroad.
  • Grodno is an ideal place for living and studying. The atmosphere of cosiness and friendliness gives you a sense of safety and comfort. Here you can feel at home.

Grodno State Medical University Fees

Uzhgorod National Medical University Fees/Sem
Tuition Fees/Sem 2,200 1,43,000
Hostel Fees/Year 600 39,000
Total 2,800 1,82,000

*1 USD = 65 INR

University at Glance

About Grodno City Belarus

Grodno – is a city, the regional center of the Grodno region of Belarus. Grodno city occupies a special place among the cultural and historical heritage of Belarus. In Grodno very many sights and attractions, many of which are essential for the whole country. Grodno city and its sights and attractions is not about one single website. Our site was created to describe the lesser known places, it is intended to open new readers and interesting sights of the city, which they previously did not know possible. Grodno, of course, does not apply to such places, everyone knows about it. Tourists love it and actively attend. So just list the sights of Grodno.One of the major attractions of Grodno is the Catholic church of St. Francis Xavier, the church is called “farny”, which means simply “main”.