FMGE Online Coaching / MCI Screening Test Online Coaching


  • Systematic Approach
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Most Upgraded Question Bank
  • Customized For Individual Needs
  • Periodic Upgradation


FMGE is one of the prerequisite for an Indian citizen who has a medical degree from a college outside India to practice medicine in the country. It’s a Screening exam for foreign medical graduates in which you are required to score minimum 50% to clear the examination. Owing to its knowledge base and expertise in the field, Eduworld has always fostered toppers for FMGE (MCI Screening Test). We have always been the first choice of medical aspirants when it comes to FMGE exam. A lot of foreign medical students have benefited with the expert guidance provided by our faculties. Good success rate and quality teaching standards is our USP and we continue to thrive for excellence in the medical coaching genre.

  • At Eduworldsuccess is a tradition.
  • Hundreds of students have successfully passed FMGE so far with our guidance.
  • Study with Eduworld team which has thorough understanding of what is FMGE, why the result of it is so low & how to boost the result of FMGE?


Systematic Approach

  • Whole Indian MBBS syllabus divided into 128 topics.
  • Each topic has detail notes in easy to digest form, high quality video lectures, topicwise tests, subjectwise tests and Grand FMGE Mock Tests.
  • The whole programmer is delivered online to the students as per predecided timetable.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Whole Indian MBBS Syllabus taught by renowned Indian professors through MCI Screening Test point of view.
  • Each topic is divided into few subtopics. Every subtopic has separate high quality conceptual & MCQs based video lectures. So that students can study & revise selectively.

Most Upgraded Question Bank

  • Eduworld is the only coaching in India offering topic wise tests for all 128 topics.
  • Each subject has subjectwise test and there are Grand Mock Tests covering whole MBBS syllabus.
  • More than 16500 MCQs are thus discussed.
  • All these tests are Computer based as the real FMGE exam.
  • Each MCQ has reliable answer, detailed explanation and reference from current editions of the standard textbooks.

Customized For Individual Needs

  • We have different courses of 6 months to 6 years durations for students in first to final years studying MBBS abroad.
  • The whole programme is compatible with the syllabus in foreign universities. Thus it increases confidence in the students.
  • A study moderator will be in continuous contact with the students to motivate & guide them.
  • The whole programme is accessible anytime, any number of times & anywhere on desktop, laptop & smartphone.


Our approach is systematic. We have divided the whole Indian MBBS syllabus into 128 topics. Every topic has notes, videos & tests. Thus we ensure that whole syllabus is covered. Unlike, other coaching classes, where students are not taught entire syllabus, Eduworld ensures to provide complete syllabus of MBBS; covering all subjects and every topic of each subject. Additionally, in Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching the study materials (notes, videos and tests) are upgraded as per current pattern of the exam & as per latest editions of the standard textbooks.

Yes. In India we are the most accountable coaching institute. We will be completing the whole Indian MBBS syllabus through MCI Screening Test point of view. Our teachers are well reputed & highly qualified faculties who are practicing/ doing research in their respective fields. They have immense experience in teaching undergraduate & postgraduate medical students.

Variety types of teaching videos are available in Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching. Videos are primarily of following 4 types:

  1. Like classroom coaching where a teacher teaches on power point/ board.
  2. Where there’s is a PowerPoint presentation and teacher is explaining the topic in the background. Here focus is on PowerPoint.
  3. Teacher explains the concepts as if teacher is sitting opposite to student and drawing on paper or board. There may be an actual board or paper or virtual board. Here the focus is on what is being written by the teacher.
  4. There are short videos of MCQs discussions. These are power point videos.

We have divided whole Indian MBBS syllabus in 128 topics. All topics have some or other kind(s) of teaching videos. Our esteemed faculties decide which topics should have which types of videos.

MCQs based study is the mainstay of preparation for FMGE. In FMGE segment, Eduworld is the only coaching class in India which provides topic wise tests. You will be studying one topic at a time. So you need to be assessed MCI point of view at the level of every topic. This makes the foundation very strong.

We are again the only coaching class in India which has test series on important but complicated books like Harrison’s Medicine, Robin’s Pathology, Bailey & Love Surgery, Park’s PSM, etc. Usually students are afraid of these books. But we have made these books extremely digestible through our special test series on these books. All this is included in Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching free of cost.

Eduworld is the only FMGE coaching class in India which gives large number of MCQs (> 16500) for practicing through exam point of view. All these tests are online computer based as real exam. All MCQs have reliable answers, detail explanations & references from current editions of the standard textbooks.

We have divided whole Indian MBBS syllabus in 128 topics. We make study materials available subject-wise & topics- wise to our students as per our pre-defined time-table. We do not provide study materials as per student’s demand. Our timetable & sequence in which we provide the study materials have sound logic. It is optimum to follow the sequence in which we provide the study materials. We provide the study materials much faster than students usually can study. Thus at any point of time, many topics of many subjects are accessible. Thus, to certain extent students have freedom to make their own timetable & study accordingly.

Entire course of Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching is accessible online anytime, anywhere & any number of times from smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You can study as per your convenience. There are no time restrictions.

Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching is in itself a complete package of coaching sufficient to pass FMGE. So no supplementary coaching is needed. Hence there is no offline component to the Online Coaching.

Most of the Coaching Classes are following old and outdated pattern:
The teacher comes to the classroom, gives lectures, and explains concepts that are easy but unknown to the students. Students feel delighted as they get to learn something. Coaching people set questions papers on the materials what they have taught. So students can mostly solve those MCQs. This gives a false feeling of preparedness towards the exam.

But in actual exam, large number of unseen and twisted questions come. That’s why result is so low. Thus Delhi model of coaching for 4-5 months just before the exam has miserably failed to yield the results. Unrealistic teaching approaches like 8-10 hours lectures on weekends & “finishing” subjects in 2-3 days. No prompt method to evaluate students from the level of MCI point of view for each topic in a subject. All these factors contribute to low success rate. Hence, the Final Screening exam results are low.

For Best Results and high Success Rate, Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching introduces following aspects:

  1. High emphasis is given on clearing concepts & being thorough with the high yield topics in every subject. You can watch our videos any number of times & get your concepts clear. None of our MCQs (Topic wise, subject wise, Grand Mock Tests & Special Tests on Important.
  2. Through our tests (topic wise, subject wise, Grand Mock Tests & Special Tests covering Harrison, Robin’s, Park, etc.) we provide more than 16500 MCQs with solutions and detailed explanations.
  3. Our expert team of facilities faculties have divided the whole MBBS syllabus into 128 topics and all topics are covered by us (notes, lectures & tests) ensuring all major and minor topics/sub-topics are covered in our coaching. This way, entire and complete MBBS Syllabus is covered in a systematic approach.
  4. For ALL subjects you will get notes, teaching videos, topic wise tests, subject wise tests. Then there are Grand Mock Tests on whole syllabus.
  5. The special tests are on important books like Harrison, Bailey and Love, Robin’s, Park, William’s obstetrics.
  6. Online Coaching is much cheaper than traditional classroom coaching. A regular classroom coaching (4-5 months) costs Rs.40,000 to Rs.60,000 in Delhi. Considering living cost the total expenditure is above 1.2 Lakh just for a coaching of 5 months.
  7. In Online coaching you save precious time, money and energy.
  8. Online Coaching is accessible anytime, anywhere, any number of times from desktop, laptop or smartphone. Study at your convenience.

While counting the durations an year is counted from 1st January to 31st December starting from the year of enrollment. Thus irrespective of in which month you are joining, the duration of the course will be counted from 1st January of the year in which you are joining. While deciding which duration course you need to join, consider the year in which you will be graduating (or appearing FMGE). Now considering the current year as 1 year, start counting till the year of graduation (FMGE 1st attempt) to get the duration of the course you need to joining. E.g. If you will be graduating in 2019 & now it is October 2016, you should join a 4 years course Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching which will start in October 2016 & will remain accessible till 31st December 2019.

It has been observed very strongly that earlier the student starts preparing for FMGE, better are the results. We insist that students should start preparing for FMGE right in the 1st year of MBBS. Courses of different durations are designed to help students at different levels (1st to final years & beyond). The 1st year students should join our 6 years course. Final year students should join our 1 year course.

The basic minimum study materials which are essential to clear FMGE are same and provided to the courses of all durations in Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching. We upgrade the study materials (notes, videos, tests) twice in a year. So naturally courses of longer durations get more up-gradations than courses of shorter durations. All these up-gradations are free.

The answer of this question varies from student to student. It depends on time you have in hand before appearing for FMGE, your baseline preparation in Medical College & your interest in medical studies. The students who are joining 6 months/ 1 year course & are about to appear in nearest FMGE, should more concentrate on MCQs based preparation as guided in Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching.

Those students who are in first to pre-final years in their medical colleges and who have 6 years to more than 1 year in hand should study in a detailed manner.

In our Online Coaching we provide the most important part through MCI point of view on which you should focus. Students usually don’t find need to read extra books. But Knowledge is power. Knowledge never goes waste. So we do encourage extra reading for those who have time in hand.

Study materials & teaching videos in Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching are prepared by experts. So usually there are no difficulties. But in case there are any difficulties we do provide WhatsApp / email support for the queries by the students.

Lack of time and proper management of time are main issues which are being addressed by Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching. Dedicating 1 hour daily for MCI preparation is more than sufficient. It is like eating food which is to be done daily no matter how busy you are. FMGE is not an exam which can be passed by 3-4 months studying after you finish MBBS from abroad. We strongly recommend that students should start preparing for FMGE right from the 1st year MBBS. We expect dedication for studies & intensive involvement from students. With our Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching you can study with your smartphone while you are travelling in bus/train waiting for it, at late night hours, in your free time or on holidays, in classroom while you are waiting for teacher to come or while you are in lift and changing floors!

You can study in more detail with our course referring books and other study materials. You can give an hour daily and few hours on weekends!

That’s all what is required! Smart work is more yielding than hard work!

Group discussion or Study pals is a very good concept only if there are serious & dedicated friends available. Otherwise usually useless chatting happens. Under the name of group discussion usually different useless subjects are discussed by the students.. Unless stringent criteria are met we don’t recommend group discussion or study pals. Our own enrollments are from varied geological areas & are at different stages of their preparation (from 1st to final years & beyond). If you already have a group which is seriously interested in studies, go ahead with it. Otherwise there’s no point in wasting time in finding study pals. Self study is the best & only method.

FMGE preparation should start at the earliest right from 1st year MBBS. It’s important to make the basics strong. It requires considerable time. In a Medical College students are supposed to study intensively, refer different books of various authors. This helps in building confidence. Since you will be ultimately coming back to India after completing MBBS abroad & competing here with Indian Medical Graduates for post-graduation as well as medical practice, you obviously will have advantage if you study intensively Indian MBBS point of view. This is exactly what you will be doing once you join Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching!

Studying is a lifelong process for a doctor. Habit of studying intensively doesn’t come all of a sudden. It is to be cultivated over a period of time right from the early years of study in a medical college.

Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching helps to clear your basics, get strong foundation, confidence and competence that enables to perform your best in FMGE.

Blindly following the seniors has been the trend among the students so far. As there is no innovative approach, majority of such students have been repeatedly failing. If you keep on doing what your seniors have been doing, you will continue to get the same results what they have been getting! The way majority of the students are studying for FMGE, the probability of passing exam is 10 to 15% that too in 3rd or 4th attempt!!! These are the results of FMGE! It is good to know how seniors are preparing for FMGE. But don’t follow them blindly. Not everything what seniors say is correct. With changing trends and exam difficulty level and patterns, you will have to start studying at early stage for desired results.

The ultimate purpose of college studies as well as FMGE preparation is to enhance the knowledge & confidence of the students. So FMGE preparation is an important supporting mechanism for college studies. As per system in most of the medical colleges abroad, it is not difficult to clear their exams. But it is clearly very difficult to pass FMGE. 100 % students who appear for FMGE have passed their college exams. But out of these 100% only 10-15% manage to pass FMGE. While planning your studies it will be improper to give more time to easier exams & less time to the most difficult exam. Most of the students who appear & keep on appearing for FMGE repent that they should have started studying earlier.

Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching is compatible with the syllabus in Medical Colleges abroad. Joining it will increase your confidence & competence. Earlier you join, better it is.

Topmost Indian Medical Colleges are topmost not because they have world class teaching facilities but simply because topmost students seek admission there. Topmost Medical Colleges in India are nowhere in the first hundred topmost international universities. Most of the Indian Medical students study very seriously daily for hours together.

It is true that abroad there is no proper guidance through FMGE point of view. By introducing Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching we have nullified this deficiency. We teach complete Indian MBBS syllabus for FMGE through some of the best Indian teachers. It is almost like taking admission to Indian Medical Colleges. Once you start understanding the subjects, you will automatically like studying them. This will revolutionize your career.

There is no coaching on earth which can give “guarantee” of passing. How is it possible? Passing is a result of two contributions:

  1. Ours
  2. Yours.

Thus with 50 % contribution to the result, how can we give 100 % guarantee?
What we guarantee is

    1. We will complete your whole syllabus (Actually for passing you don’t have to study all 19 subjects. Sincerely studying 10-12 subjects is enough)
    2. We will maintain high quality in terms of contents and delivery (audio and video).
    3. availability of MCQs as promised for all tests (Most important).

Your efforts are equally important & is deciding factor. What we guarantee is you will 100% pass if you follow our advice & study accordingly.

In china there are restrictions on some websites. Our videos are YouTube based. In China YouTube is not directly accessible. But it is freely accessible through VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN can be downloaded free of cost from internet. We have huge number of enrollments from China. They all are studying happily without facing problems.

We have designed the course extremely carefully & tailor-made for FMGE. There’s no reason why you should not like it. But more than liking or disliking it, important aspect is its usefulness & relevance for FMGE preparation. Under no circumstances fees once taken will be refunded.

The same course is useful in preparing for PG Entrances. Moreover, we keep on upgrading the course periodically. Thus if you have already joined Eduworld FMGE Online Coaching & for various reasons you want to extend the access to it, you can do so. You can extend the access by one year by paying merely Rs 5000 (including all taxes).